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Mike Byrne

Marie Curie Fellow

Robert Fraser

PhD Student

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postdoc, TICTOC

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postdoc, FAFMIP project

Tom Bolton

PhD Student

Tomos David

PhD Student


In Oxford, I act as:

– Undergraduate Tutor

  • Mechanics & Special Relativity [Physics]
  • Circuit Theory & Electromagnetism [Physics]
  • Flows, Fluctuations & Complexity [Physics]

– Undergraduate Lecturer

  • Physics of the Oceans & Atmospheres [Physics]

– Graduate Lecturer

  • Climate Dynamics & Variability [Doctoral Training Program]
  • Advanced Math & Numerical Methods [Doctoral Training Program]



** July 2018: I won’t be accepting new applications for fellowships, postdocs or students in Oxford. Check back in Sep/Oct 2018 for new opportunities**

If you have a strong math or physics background, are motivated, hard-working and excited to pursue research in climate and ocean physics, feel free to get in touch with me.


Sep 2018: TICTOC annual meeting in Oxford, Sep 25-26

Aug 2018:

  • Our new paper on “Uncertainty and Scale Interactions in Ocean Ensembles” was accepted in QJRMS

  • Congrats to Tomos David who just completed his PhD with us, and for his latest paper in J. of Stat Mech on eddy-mixing entropy in forced-dissipative geostrophic turbulence

Jul 2018: Some of us will be attending the international US-AMOC meeting, I will talk about “AMOC in a changing climate: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery”

Jun 2018: Two accepted papers led by Chris O’Reilly: One paper on contrasting oceanic processes influencing decadal extratropical SST anomalies in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and another on the influence of tropical precipitation on summertime circulation anomalies in the Atlantic sector

May 2018: New PhD student Matthias Aengenheyster is joining our group and current PhD student Tom Bolton wins the Werrett Prize for the best 2nd year DPhil/PhD report

Apr 2018: A paper led by Scott Bachman (NCAR) on the mathematics and physics of non-Newtonian fluids as a representation of ocean turbulence was accepted in Ocean Modelling

Mar 2018: PhD work by Ben Bronselaer highlighted on the MITgcm blog

Feb 2018: Our group is attending Ocean Sciences and will present work on: “Air-sea coupling and predictability of North Atlantic Ocean variability”, “Passive heat uptake and high-latitude feedbacks”, and “Interannual Variability of Mixing in the Gulf Stream”

Jan 2018: Our new website is live (though the research sections need more work)